Registration Process

  • Search and Examination There are a number of potential obstacles to registration, so before an application is made to register your Mark, we will assess its registrability and run a search to ensure that an identical or similar mark has not already been registered.
  • Application An application is made to the Irish Patents Office in Kilkenny, or OHIM in Alicante.
  • Examination of the Mark by the Patents Office or OHIM The Mark’s registrability will be assessed.
  • Publication If the application is accepted, the Mark will be published in the Official Journal in the case of an Irish Trade Mark, or in the CTM Bulletin in the case of a Community Trade Mark. Any person may object to the registration within 3 months of publication. If an objection is submitted, each side is given the opportunity to file evidence in support of its case.
  • Duration Registration provides protection for 10 years, but this can be renewed indefinitely at the end of each 10 year period. If a Trade Mark has not been put to genuine use for 5 consecutive years, protection may lapse.