Seafarers Allowance

  • The seafarer must be at sea for at least 161 days in the tax year. (169 days for years prior to 2001)
  • The employment must be performed wholly on board a sea going ship (Note 1) in the course of an international voyage and
  • The voyage must begin or end in a port (Note 2) outside the State and
  • The seafarer must not be a Public Sector employee.
  • The seafarer must not have claimed Split Year Treatment in respect of the income.
Note 1

A seagoing ship means a ship other than a fishing vessel that is registered in the shipping register of a European Member State and is used solely for the purposes of carrying passengers or cargo for reward.

Note 2

A rig or platform situated in any maritime area is regarded as a port — including rigs within the Irish continental shelf.


Available at the highest rate of tax. The allowance cannot be set against any other income of the individual or against the income of his/her spouse.

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What we will need to help us determine your tax status in Ireland:

  • A copy of your employment contract
  • A copy of your discharge book or ships log/ details of days in Ireland
  • Copies of all your payslips / P60s
  • Details of any other income earned.

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